Sons in Retirement

What is SIR (Sons In Retirement)?

SIR is a group of retired men who get together once a month to enjoy lunch and activities such as Golf, Bowling, Fishing, Bocce Ball, Dining Out, Computers and more, some with their wives. SIR are not a service club. They don't raise money, flip pancakes, no religion, no politics...and NO DUES. It's all voluntary!

Part-time employees are welcome. All you have to do is have lunch once a month with your fellow SIR of the branch you decide to join. There are three branches in Auburn and chances are you will know some SIR.

There are about 390 members in the greater Auburn Area. Branch 79, Auburn, has 180 members, meets at the Elks Club in Auburn on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Branch 37, Auburn, has 165 members, meets at the Elks Club in Auburn on the 1st Thursday of each month. Branch 138, Auburn, meets at Sizzler's on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Need a handicap? SIR will provide it for you for $36.

If you are interested in joining the SIR’s groups, contact the Black Oak Golf Course Pro shop for more information; 530-878-1900